The Board

The Board is limited to 12; made up of 7 independent non-executive directors, 4 representative directors and chief executive officer in an ex-officio capacity.


The Board of Sport Resolutions is limited to 12 in number. It is made up of a maximum of seven independent non-executive directors; a maximum of four representative directors who are nominated by the member organisations; and the chief executive officer in an ex-officio capacity. 

The Board of the organisation shall:

  • be the ultimate decision-making body and accordingly exercise all of the powers of the organisation
  • be responsible for setting the strategy of the organisation
  • maintain and demonstrate a clear division between the Board’s management and oversight role and the executive’s operational role

The Board has a number of sub-committees which report into the Board:

  • The National Anti-Doping Panel Board
  • The National Safeguarding Panel Board
  • The Panel Appointments & Review Committee (PARC)
  • The Marketing and Service Development Committee (MSDC)
  • The Audit and Risk Committee (ARC)
  • The Nominations Committee
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