Our Vision & Mission

With integrity and transparency

Protect, uphold and develop integrity and trust in all aspects of sport, providing independent, efficient and accessible resolutions.


'To protect, uphold and develop integrity and trust in all aspects of sport at all levels.’


‘To provide independent, efficient and accessible dispute resolution services to everyone involved in sport and to produce high-quality education and training to reduce conflicts and facilitate the resolution process. We will deliver this through our diverse and expert panels and executive team, with integrity and transparency at the core of everything that we do’.

Strategic Objectives (SOs)

S01 - Enabling trust in the Sporting system

‘Championing improvements which builds credibility in the sector’

Sport Resolutions is committed to playing a leading role in establishing and maintaining consistent standards which protect the participant, ensure fair competition and improves the sporting spectacle.

S02 - Providing a level playing field

‘Fair, transparent, independent & cost-effective processes, available to all’

The principles of natural justice are enshrined in our core and emanate through everything we do. In maintaining the highest moral and procedural standards the sector can trust and rely on Sport Resolutions in all aspects of its service delivery.

S03 - World class expertise, Worldwide accessibility

'Specialists in our field, anticipating and meeting the needs of a modern world'

We understand that the sports industry doesn’t stand still, and neither will we. We will offer best in class, innovative and trusted dispute resolution services that are constantly evolving to meet the demands of a globalized world. We will build on our domestic reputation to offer international sports unrivaled access to the leading authority in the field.

S04 - Setting the pace in educating and debating integrity

‘We practice what we preach, and we share our hands-on experience with our stakeholders’

As a world-leader in the field, it is our role to facilitate debate and raise awareness of sports integrity issues. We will be the sector expert helping to educate our stakeholders as well as tomorrow’s leaders and increasing the advocacy of the values of Sport Resolutions.

S05 - Skilled team players committed to our goals

‘Delivering the world’s most highly-respected dispute resolution service’

Sport Resolutions will appoint skilled and ambitious individuals to its diverse, high-performance executive team and management board of directors. These individuals will be continually developed to meet the ever-changing needs of global sport. Together, our highly-regarded and cohesive team will work to achieve the ambitious aims of this 2024 strategy from a central London hub.