International Hearing Panel

International Federation Tribunals

The International Hearing Panel is available to determine first instance anti-doping matters for International Federations or any other Anti-Doping Organisations wishing to make use of the tribunal’s services.

In January 2021, Sport Resolutions entered into an agreement with the International Testing Agency (ITA) to operate the International Hearing Panel, which is available to determine first instance anti-doping matters for International Federations or any other Anti-Doping Organisations (ADOs) wishing to make use of the tribunal’s services.

This service enables International Federations (IFs) and ADOs to ensure that the right to a fair hearing is met, providing both institutional and operational independence at first instance in line with (and surpassing the requirements of) the International Standard for Results Management.

The International Hearing Panel draws upon the expertise and experience of Sport Resolutions’ International Panel, from which panels are constituted. Uniquely, that expertise includes not only legally qualified Chairpersons but also specialist arbitrators with expertise in relevant fields such as science, pharmacology, psychology, medicine and sport – all with significant experience adjudicating anti-doping matters.

Additionally, athletes involved in proceedings administered by Sport Resolutions have the ability to request legal advice and representation via its Pro Bono Service

The ADOs who select to use the International Hearing Panel will be joining a number of IFs and Regional Anti-Doping Organisations that have already decided to refer their matters to Sport Resolutions for independent adjudication.

The Procedural Rules of the International Hearing Panel can be accessed here (pour la version française cliquez ici) and can be adopted by any federation wishing to convey jurisdiction on the International Hearing Panel via referral clause within the relevant anti-doping rules. To learn more about the possibility of referring matters to the International Hearing Panel, ADOs can get in touch with us at resolve@sportresolutions.com(+44) 020 7036 1966


Who can utilise the services of Sport Resolutions Independent Hearing Panel?

International Federations, Anti-Doping Organisations or Regional Anti-Doping Organisations wishing to refer their first instance anti-doping matter to an Independent Organisation.

How much does it cost and who has to pay?

The cost of the arbitration is usually covered by the International Federation, Anti-Doping Organisations or Regional Anti-Doping Organisations. This includes the fees and expenses of the arbitrator(s), the administration fees of Sport Resolutions and any costs for hiring a hearing venue. Fees vary depending on factors such as the number of arbitrators, length of the hearing and whether the matter proceeds on the papers or to a hearing.

Costs can be provided to the paying parties in advance of a referral.

Can the parties access Sport Resolutions’ pro bono legal advice service?

The service is available to all athletes in proceedings before Sport Resolutions. Further information on the service can be found on the Pro Bono Services page. 

How are the arbitrator(s) chosen?

Sport Resolutions maintains an extensive list of international arbitrators with knowledge and experience of sport and the anti-doping environment of sport. It is from this panel that SR makes its appointments – with SR making the nominations rather than the parties. By taking this approach, the appointed tribunals are completely independent of the parties. A party may object to an appointment if it believes there might be a conflict of interest.

The IHP rules provide for the appointment of a sole arbitrator or a panel of three, which is determined on a case-by-case basis. The chair of an arbitration panel will always be legally qualified and wing members come from a broader range of professional backgrounds, such as medical professionals, scientists, psychologists and ex-professional athletes.

How is the hearing timetable and location decided?

The Hearing Panel, in consultation with the parties, will determine the timetable for proceedings. This will include deadlines for filing of submissions and a hearing date.

Will my hearing take place in public or private?

The Athlete or other Person being charged with the anti-doping rile violation has the right to request a public hearing. The anti-doping organisation may also request a public hearing, provided that the other party consents to the same.

The hearing panel may deny the request for a public hearing for the grounds outlined in the IHP rules.

How is the decision of the International Hearing Panel communicated?

The Decision will be given in writing, with detailed reasons, within three (3) weeks of the conclusion of the hearing or the closing of the evidentiary phase when the dispute is decided based on written submissions. The decisions are distributed by e-mail to the parties, and those with a right of appeal to the Decision.

The parties may request an operative award with written reasons to follow if the matter is urgent. E.g. Provisional Suspension application of an Athlete wishing to participate in an imminent event.

Will my decision get published?

Where an ADRV has been found, the Anti-Doping organisation will publish the decision in accordance with its anti-doping rules.

How do I appeal against an award of the Independent Hearing Panel?

Right of appeal to an IHP Decision is outlined in the Rules.