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NSP Investigations


Our safeguarding investigations and review service provides NGBs with an independent investigation into safeguarding complaints, concerns and allegations. All our investigations are conducted by expert members of the National Safeguarding Panel. At the end of the process the NGB will receive a detailed report, recommendations and dossier of evidence on which to base their decision making.

A typical investigation will involve:

  • appointment of an independent investigator/reviewer
  • undertaking of relevant conflict checks
  • review of relevant documents
  • review of all evidence and information already gathered by the NGB
  • interview with the person(s) subject to concern
  • interviews with any complainants and witnesses
  • drafting of signed witness statements
  • drafting of a report setting out the investigator’s key findings and recommendations     

The NGB is expected to provide background information setting out the nature of the complaints and concerns, a copy of relevant policies and contact details of the complainant, the individual complained against and any possible witnesses. The NGB is also responsible for acting on the findings and recommendations of the investigation. 

Investigation Guide & Templates

We are delighted to launch the new Investigation Guide and templates to National Governing Bodies (NGBs), National Safeguarding Panel (NSP) members and other relevant parties.

With the support of Sport England, Sport Resolutions NSP members Carol Chamberlain, Christopher Quinlan QC and Sally Wernick have created a practical guide to undertaking safeguarding investigations with supporting templates. This guide has been developed to assist NGB Lead Safeguarding Officers and their Case Management Teams and members of the National Safeguarding Panel in the conduct of safeguarding investigations that they undertake as part of their role. 

This resource has been produced as part of the Sport England Safeguarding Case Management Project, which is supported by National Lottery funding, and provides participating NGBs with end-to-end case management support from Sport Resolutions staff and access to expert safeguarding support services from its NSP members.

The purpose of the Investigation Guide is to provide a comprehensive guide to undertaking safeguarding investigations and to provide consistency of practice amongst investigators. The Guide covers how to approach an investigation and sets out matters that will need to be considered, or completed, at each investigation stage. The aim of the Guide is also to assist to provide a fair and transparent process that will benefit victims and survivors and those who may be the subject of safeguarding concerns or allegations.

The templates comprise a collection of pro forma documents for use in any safeguarding investigation and are available for download in Microsoft Word format via the related documents tab on the right-hand side.

Profiles for Carol Chamberlain, Christopher Quinlan QC and Sally Wernick are available here


A minor addition was made to the safeguarding investigation guide on 22nd July 2021 at paragraph 67 on page 89. Updated version can be found under the related documents tab on the right hand side. 

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