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The application window is currently closed

Sport Resolutions' Panel for April 2024 to March 2027

The panel application window for joining Sport Resolutions' Panel for the period April 2024 to March 2027 is now closed.

The next application window for  joining Sport Resolutions Panel for the period April 2027 - March 2030 will open in November 2026.

Occasional appointments and exceptional circumstances

Sport Resolutions occasionally makes appointments to its Panel outside of the application window when new contracts require additional skills or numbers. To ensure that you hear about such vacancies please sign up for the Sport Resolutions newsletter by clicking here.

In exceptional circumstances we accept applications outside of the recruitment window if you can demonstrate that you have skills and experience in a priority area for Sport Resolutions that is not met by current members of the panel. If you believe that you can demonstrate exceptional skills and experience then please contact the Sport Resolutions Secretariat on 020 7036 1966 and we will advise you of the process to follow.

Pro Bono Service

Please click here for further details regarding Sport Resolutions' Pro Bono Service. Please note that applications to the Pro Bono Service are via a separate application form. Applications and renewals for the Pro Bono Service will take place in early 2024.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sport specific CV?

A sport specific CV should outline previous Sport Law experience you have gained by working with athletes, federations or sporting bodies and should be relevant to the specific arbitration areas that you wish to be considered for.  

Do I need professional indemnity insurance?

All legal members on the SR Panel are required to have Professional Indemnity cover, for any Sport Resolutions related appointment, to the minimum value of £2,000,000 (for those based in the UK) or a suitable amount in foreign currency (international applicants). 

For former members of the UK judiciary, we are able to assist with obtaining professional indemnity insurance cover. If this is required, please contact panels@sportresolutions.com and a member of the team would be happy to assist.  

If you do not require PI cover in your country or jurisdiction, and you are unable to obtain PI cover when the seat of arbitration is the UK, Sport Resolutions can appoint you as a wing member to a case, but SR's cover does not extend to the Chairperson. 

What will be my hourly rate if I am appointed to your Panel?

Professional fees will vary depending on various factors (including the nature and complexity of the case) and will be discussed with you prior to you accepting (or otherwise) to be nominated for appointment to a case. Appointment terms will be confirmed in a letter of appointment which you will receive upon appointment to a case. They may include a fixed fee, an hourly rate, or a combination of the two. 

If you have indicated that you would be willing to be considered for pro bono appointments, we may also approach you for a case of this nature on occasion. 

How often can I expect to be appointed to a case?

Numerous factors come into play when it comes to the frequency of appointments, including expertise in the subject-matter of the dispute, specific requirements within the sport's rules (eg. X number of years of practice, an accountant, or not to be of the same nationality as the athlete), availability, location, as well as fluency in the language of the dispute. Historically, legal members who sit on specialised tribunals (such as those with membership on anti-doping, safeguarding or football regulatory tribunals) tend to get appointed most frequently due to the number of case referrals in those areas. Some panel members have very specialised skill-sets which are particularly valuable and relevant to certain types of disputes, but those disputes might not occur frequently.  

Accordingly, although Sport Resolutions endeavours to appoint as many of its panel members as possible, we cannot guarantee any number of appointments. 

Why are you asking me questions about equality, diversity and inclusion?

Sport Resolutions is actively trying to improve the diversity of its Panels. For 2024-2027, we are focussing on ethnicity, gender, disability, age and sexual orientation. By providing us with this data, we can set ourselves new and ambitious targets, whilst also ensuring panel diversity now. 

Applicants retain the option to select 'prefer not to answer' for these questions, and selecting this option will have no bearing on the result of your application.

What happened to the 'Development Panel'?

Legal professionals who previously used the Development Panel to gain experience, with a view to being appointed as a Legal Member on the Sport Resolutions Panel, should select 'Specialist Member' when applying to the Panel. Being appointed as a Speciaist Member may provide the individual with the additional experience required to be appointed as a Legal Member in future.

Sport Resolutions is looking to establish a new scheme to assist panel members of the future and to increase panel diversity. Further details will be announced in due course.

How many vacancies are there?

Sport Resolutions’ Panel for the period 2021-2024 consisted of 300+ individuals, who provided SR with a diverse mix of skills, experience and backgrounds from which to select appropriately for each case.  

Careful consideration is given to ensuring that a sufficient pool of experts is available for each service SR provides. 

Is there a minimum level of experience you look for in any given background?

A copy of the selection criteria and the role profiles can be accessed via the related documents tab on the right-hand side. The experience required varies for each panel. 

Is sports related experience necessary to being on the panel, especially when you are a non-legal member?

Legal members are expected to have experience of working in the sports sector. Specialist members do not require such experience, although this is one of the four options to demonstrate that you meet this part of the selection criteria. Please refer to the selection criteria for further information. 

All panel members should have an interest in sport and knowledge of the structure of sport. They should support SR in providing an independent service for the fair, speedy and effective resolution of sports disputes.