Safeguarding in Sport

Services to assist sport organisations

Sport Resolutions provides several services to assist sport organisations at international and national level, with disputes and concerns of a safeguarding nature.

Sport Resolutions operates the National Safeguarding Panel (NSP) which supports National Governing Bodies in the professional management of safeguarding complaints and concerns, covering both children and adults at risk. For more information about the NSP, and the services it provides, please visit the relevant section on our website here

NSP members are also members of Sport Resolutions’ Panel of Arbitrators and Mediators, and as such their safeguarding expertise is also available for international cases. Our Panel has multi-lingual capabilities and we would invite you to please get in touch with us to discuss any requirements your organisation may have using the contact information at the bottom of this page. 

Sport Resolutions has provided secretariat services for the following Investigations and Reviews concerning safeguarding in sport:

  • Lawn Tennis Association Independent Review
  • UK Athletics Safeguarding Review
  • Independent Football Review 
  • UCI Independent Investigation 

To refer a dispute to Sport Resolutions for arbitration parties must consent to bring the matter to Sport Resolutions. Such agreement may be automatically incorporated into a relevant regulation, rule or contract of the sport, or alternatively the parties may enter into an ad hoc arbitration agreement. The effect of the consent is to confer jurisdiction on Sport Resolutions to work with the parties to resolve their dispute by way of arbitration. 

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The "Safeguarding Partners Role and Responsibilities" document can be accesed via the related documents tab on the right hand side of this page.