Our Panels

Sport Resolution Panels

Sport Resolutions' Panel includes many of the top legal, financial, medical, safeguarding and sport administrator professionals working in sport.

All of our panel members are appointed to the Panel in accordance with criteria set by the Panel Appointments and Review Committee (PARC).

Arbitrator Class

The Arbitrator class is sub-divided into three categories: Legal Arbitrators, Specialist Arbitrators, and Development Arbitrators. Legal Arbitrators are appointed to chair hearings, lead reviews, and give advisory opinions. Specialist Arbitrators are appointed as tribunal wing members, to undertake investigations, and to contribute to independent reviews and assessments. Development Arbitrators sit on a pro-bono basis to gain experience of sitting on sport specific tribunals.

Arbitrators are also assigned to thematic panels as follows:

  • National Anti-Doping Panel (NADP)
  • National Safeguarding Panel (NSP)
  • Athlete Selection & Eligibility
  • Commercial
  • Discipline & Integrity
  • Employment & Discrimination
  • Paralympic & Disability
  • Professional Football

Mediator Class

Mediators are typically called on to mediate disputes between governing bodies, clubs, coaches, players, parents and sponsors.  Development Mediators assist on a pro-bono basis to gain experience of mediation in sport.

International Panel of Arbitrators

Sport Resolutions acts as Secretariat for a number of International Federations and administers various disciplinary, regulatory and other tribunals on behalf of those Federations. The International Panel of Arbitrators- Legal Member List (The “International Panel”) provides an internationally diverse panel maintained to identify and appoint suitable individuals with the requisite experience to chair or lead anti-doping, safeguarding, disciplinary, athlete selection, eligibility and other regulatory hearings or tribunals pursuant to the rules and procedures of any referring International Federation.

In addition to arbitrators and mediators, the Sport Resolutions' Panel includes individuals with a a range of other skills and professions such as doctors, scientists, psychologists, pharmacologists, former police officers, social workers, accountants, HR professionals, magistrates and ex-athletes, which allows us to tailor the expertise to the actual case rather than rely solely on legally qualified members.