Panels for Major Events

Major sporting events

Sport Resolutions (SR) provides independent ad hoc panels for international federations’ championships and other international competitions, and these can be as part of an existing or separate arrangement.

Major sporting events provide many economic, social and cultural benefits to the hosting countries, and of course higher profile from media coverage. However, disputes can arise during these events, and naturally it is essential for hosting countries and related federations to work with an independent and expert tribunal panel to ensure a smooth conflict-free running of their showpiece events.

SR’s panel of arbitrators and mediators includes nearly 300 members across the globe and consists of esteemed legal minds including barristers and QCs, as well as leading experts in fields such as finance, medicine, safeguarding and sport administration. 

As well as the ad hoc panel of the disciplinary tribunal, members of Sport Resolutions’ Pro Bono Legal Advice & Representation Service can be made available during and shortly before any major event. This provides equality of arms, procedural fairness and adherence to principle of natural justice for those athletes of limited financial means, allowing for a properly independent process that ensures all athletes have access to legal advice at no cost. 

We are able to provide services in both English and French.

SR assisted the International Tennis Federation by operating and administering an ad hoc Independent Tribunal during the 2019 and 2021 Davis Cup by Rakuten Madrid Finals as well as the 2021 Billie Jean King Cup Finals. The tribunal was composed of SR arbitrators.

Similarly SR also assisted World Athletics in operating an ad hoc panel for its Disciplinary Tribunal for the duration of the 2019 World Athletics Championships in Doha.