Join our Pro-Bono Service

Administered by Sport Resolutions

Sport Resolutions' Pro-Bono Service exists to provide representation to individuals who do not have the means to fund this themselves.

Applications are considered by Sport Resolutions' Panel Appointments and Review Committee on a biannual basis, in the Spring and in the Autumn.

Please note that applications and renewals for the Pro Bono Service will take place in early 2024. 

The service is made up of barristers' chambers, law firms and individual practitioners who are willing to provide pro-bono legal advice and representation to athletes, coaches, team officials, and other individuals appearing before Sport Resolutions and other sport specific tribunals. The pro-bono service was created to provide a safety net for unrepresented individuals who do not have the means to fund their own representation.

The service currently offers assistance in the following areas of law:

  • Anti-doping
  • Athlete selection and eligibility
  • Athlete and player contracts
  • Child and vulnerable adult safeguarding
  • Discipline
  • Paralympic classification
  • Employment
  • Discrimination

Sport Resolutions is particularly keen to hear from practitioners with the skills and experience to represent individuals before the National Anti-Doping Panel (NADP) and the National Safeguarding Panel (NSP), and other International Federation (IF) or National Governing Body (NGB) tribunals administered by Sport Resolutions. Members of the list are expected to assist where they can but are not obliged to accept all requests that are made.

If you are interested in joining this, please complete the Pro Bono List Declaration Form and return it with a copy of your CV to panels@sportresolutions.com

For any queries please email panels@sportresolutions.com


Direct Access Qualified

Both direct access and non-direct access members of the Bar can apply to the Pro Bono panel. This question applies to applicants based in countries where a Direct Access Scheme operates, such as the UK.   

The Direct Access Scheme allows members of the public to instruct an authorised barrister directly (without the need to instruct via a solicitor or firm). On occasions where an individual is not direct access qualified, we may be able to assist by putting barristers in touch with solicitors from our pro bono panel, who can provide instructions. 

Can I apply for the Pro Bono Panel if I am undergoing my LPC, BPTC, Training Contract or Pupillage? 

We require all individuals applying for Sport Resolutions' Pro Bono Panel to be qualified Lawyers or Barristers, holding a practising certificate in their country of practice.