Fri, February 09, 2018

UK Anti-Doping v Dr George Skafidas


  • Sport: Athletics
  • Issue: Arbitration
  • Type: Anti-Doping
  • Tribunal: Charles Flint QC, Professor Dorian Haskard, Jeremy Summers
  • Decision date: 22 February 2016
  • Outcome: Lifetime ban

Decision Details

George Skafidas, former coach of Bernice Wilson, has been banned for life by the NADP.

Skafidas has been banned after committing nine Anti-Doping Rule Violations (ADRV) including possession and trafficking of prohibited substances.

All nine charges relate to his conduct with sprinter Bernice Wilson in May and June of 2011. In that time period, Dr Skafidas administered testosterone and other prohibited substances to Ms Wilson, which resulted in her failing an In-Competition test in June of 2011.

At a hearing before the National Anti-Doping Panel (NADP) in 2011, Dr Skafidas represented Ms Wilson and gave false information to the Panel. Following the hearing Ms Wilson was banned for four years.

In January and February of 2015, Dr Skafidas again administered prohibited substances to Ms Wilson. Ms Wilson subsequently failed an Out-Of-Competition test in February of 2015.

The nine charges can be accessed via the written decision of the National Anti-Doping Panel, accessible from the related links.

Ms Wilson was charged with a second Anti-Doping Rule Violation (ADRV) in February 2015. As a result of her prompt admission and substantial assistance, Ms Wilson received a 75% reduced sanction, from 40 months to 10 months.

A National Anti-Doping Panel sole arbitrator was appointed to discuss a short point relating to Ms Wilson's ban, which can be accessed from the related links tab.