Mon, September 11, 2023

UK Anti-Doping v Zolani Tete


  • Sport: Boxing
  • Issue: Arbitration
  • Type: Anti-Doping
  • Tribunal: Katherine Apps KC, Dr Mehernoosh Irani, Dr Terry Crystal
  • Decision date: 09 August 2023
  • Outcome: 4 years ineligibility

Decision Details

A decision in the case of UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) against Zolani Tete has been issued by the National Anti-Doping Panel (NADP).

On 18 October 2022 Mr Tete, a former Super Bantamweight champion boxer was informed by South African Institute for Drug-Free Sport (SAIDS) that he may have committed Anti-Doping Rule Violations (ADRVs) for the presence and Use of the Prohibited Substance, a Metabolite of stanozolol, namely Stanozolol‐1´N‐glucuronide on or before 02 July 2022. On 06 December 2022, Mr Tete had his B Sample analysed which confirmed the Metabolite. On 30 January 2023, UKAD informed Mr Tete that they had taken over Results Management for this matter. On 08 February 2023, Mr Tete provided a substantive response and admitted the charges.

On 24 February 2023, UKAD formally issued Mr Tete, with a Notice of Charge for committing the ADRVs pursuant to ADR Articles 2.1 and 2.2.

The National Anti-Doping Tribunal, comprised of Katherine Apps KC (Chair), Dr Mehernoosh Irani, and Dr Terry Crystal, was appointed to determine this matter. 

The adverse analytical finding stemmed from an In-Competition doping control test taken on 02 July 2022 after Mr Tete’s fight at the OVO Arena Wembley in London. Pursuant to the World Anti-Doping Code, a non-Specified Substance carries with it a period of four years of Ineligibility, unless the athlete can establish that the violation was not intentional. Mr Tete accepted he committed the ADRVs under ADR Articles 2.1 and 2.2, therefore the Tribunal needed only to considered the appropriate sanction.

The Tribunal were unable to be satisfied with the evidence adduced by Mr Tete, that the evidential burden was discharged to show the ADRVs were not intentional, as he was unable to prove the source of the Metabolite found in his system, and were also not persuaded that No Significant Fault or Negligence applied. Therefore, without knowing the source of the Prohibited Substance, the period of Ineligibility could not be reduced.

Accordingly, the Tribunal were satisfied that Mr Tete had committed the ADRVs pursuant to ADR Articles 2.1 and 2.2 and imposed a  period of Ineligibility of four years. The sanction imposed, commenced on 30 July 2022, and will end at 23:59 on 29 July 2026.

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The National Anti-Doping Panel is the United Kingdom’s independent tribunal responsible for adjudicating anti-doping disputes in sport. It is operated by Sport Resolutions and is entirely independent of UK Anti-Doping who is responsible for investigating, charging and prosecuting cases before the NADP.