Tue, October 01, 2019

Alberto Salazar: Mo Farah’s former coach banned for four years for doping violations

Alberto Salazar who was Mo Farah’s coach between 2011 and 2017 has received a four year ban due to doping violations, after a US Anti-Doping Agency investigation that took place over a four year period and a court case for a further two years found the coach guilty of the violations.  

Dr Jeffrey Brown, who worked closely with Salazar on the Nike Oregon Project, has also received a four year ban and some of their violations include, but are not limited to, administration of a prohibited method, tampering or attempted tampering with athletes' doping control processes and trafficking or attempted trafficking of testosterone.

Salazar had a successful distance running career before moving into coaching where he coached Mo Farah to four Olympic Games gold medals and multiple World Championship medals. The investigation came as a result of former Athletes and colleagues of Salazar revealing the details of his work and doping violations alongside Dr Brown. None of the Athletes who train with Salazar or have spoken out against him have received individual bans but Athletes who continue to train with a coach who is serving a ban for doping violations will also face punishment themselves.

Mo Farah left the Nike Oregon Project in 2017 which subsequently ended his coaching relationship with Salazar but the Olympic Champion was adamant that his decision had nothing to do with the doping allegations and was rather so that his children could grow up in the United Kingdom. Farah stood by Salazar during the allegations but has always taken a stance that “I’ve always said, I have no tolerance for anyone who breaks the rules or crosses a line” when it comes to doping and Farah himself has always proven to be a clean Athlete.

Salazar commented saying that he is “shocked” by the outcome of the US Anti-Doping Agency investigation and has said that he plans to appeal the decision stating that “The Oregon Project has never and will never permit doping,” he then added “I will appeal and look forward to this unfair and protracted process reaching the conclusion I know to be true. I have always ensured the World Anti-Doping Agency code is strictly followed.”


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