Fri, May 21, 2021

FIFA to discuss Saudi Arabia proposal to hold World Cup every two years

FIFA to discuss Saudi Arabia proposal to hold World Cup every two years

FIFA are today discussing a proposal from Saudi Arabia which would see the World Cup held every two years.

Currently the World Cup and Women’s World Cup are held every four years but if the proposal was accepted they would be held every two years, doubling the amount of money FIFA makes from the tournaments.

The idea has been discussed on numerous occasions previously, with those opposed to the idea arguing that it devalues the competition and just creates further congestion in an already busy footballing schedule. Former FIFA President Sepp Blatter discussed the proposal twice before he left the role amidst the corruption scandal. 

Saudi Arabia is increasingly looking to host more international sporting events such as pay per view boxing, a Formula 1 Grand Prix and now it seems they have their sights set on a World Cup especially since neighbouring country Qatar is set to host the competition in 2022. Many have argued that Saudi Arabia is using ‘sportswashing’ as a way of distracting from their human rights violations an improving their international image.

In 2019 FIFA President Gianni Infantino said that holding the Women’s World Cup every two years would be a good way to develop both the development and popularity of the game. Todays Congress is being held online due to the Covid-19 pandemic and further proposals are expected from the Liberia Football Association on the future of youth competitions and the Jamaican Football Federation requesting a “global women's football competition concept.”


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