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October 02, 2018

Sport Resolutions

Why did you choose to specialise in sports law?

It grew out of my work many years ago with the RFU and my love of sport. Much of the work that I do, either as an advocate or a tribunal chair lends itself very well to the skills and learning acquired through 25 years at the criminal bar.  To be able to bring the two together – my love of sport and the bar – a huge privilege.

Area of expertise.

Discipline, Anti-Doping, Safeguarding, Selection, Leading Review teams.

Which sport dispute case have you found the most interesting and/or inspiring, and why?

Not a case but my work leading the BHA team which produced 'The Quinlan Review’, which was published in September 2016. I was appointed to lead a review of the structure, composition and operation of the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) Disciplinary Panel, Appeal Board and Licensing Committee following the Jim Best case. We made far-reaching recommendations to bring the process in line with current best practice. I was part of a fantastic team of dedicated professionals, each with their own different skill set, experiences and knowledge. I saw ‘behind the scenes’ at racecourses and spent an inspiring morning at Oaksey House in Lambourne, the jockey rehabilitation centre.  The Review received wide support in the industry. The BHA accepted all 24 recommendations. I am presently leading Review team for the LTA.

Favourite sport(s)? 

Rugby Union, Cricket, Football.

Any tips for people looking to follow in your footsteps?

 Who would want to?


  • Recorder of the Crown court
  • Judicial Panel Chairman, World Rugby
  • Member, World Rugby Anti-Doping Advisory Committee
  • International Association of Athletics Federation, Disciplinary Tribunal member
  • Sport Resolutions Panel of Arbitrators
  • Legal Member, National Anti-Doping Panel
  • Legal Member, National Child Safeguarding in Sport Panel
  • Specialist Panel Member, Football Association Judicial Panel
  • Deputy Chair, Appeal Board, Table Tennis England


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Author Biographies

Christopher Quinlan QC

 Christopher Quinlan QC

Christopher Quinlan QCGuildhall Chambers

Christopher, Head of the Guildhall Crime Team,  is a criminal, sports and regulatory law silk. He is an accomplished trial advocate and Crown Court Recorder.

Christopher is highly experienced chairman of numerous sport disciplinary bodies and member of disciplinary panels. Author of the 'Quinlan Review', Chairman of World Rugby's Judicial Panel, he is now firmly established as a leading member of the Sports Law bar.

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