International Paralympic Committee reduces Tokyo Guest Accreditations

April 14, 2021

International Paralympic Committee reduces Tokyo Guest Accreditations

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) has reduced the number of individuals that will be accredited as guests for the Tokyo Paralympics.

The IPC decision has been made after the Japanese Government introduced stricter rules for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, these include a very significant reduction in the numbers of accredited participants who do not have essential and operational responsibilities. An IPC statement said “The IPC fully respects this decision and endorses the approach to take all necessary measures to ensure safe and secure Games this summer.”

The statement said “No accreditation will be granted to any 'Accompanying Guest' populations for the Paralympic Games throughout all categories including the IPC, National Paralympic Committee (NPC), International Federation (IF), host Organising Committee (OCOG), future OCOGs and Broadcaster. Accompanying guests that provide care or assistance to delegates that require support for mobility, daily living or other accessibility considerations are not impacted by this move.”

The IPC has also called on member organisations to take a responsible approach and only prioritise those with essential or operational responsibilities at the Games which are scheduled to take place between 24 August and 5 September 2021. 

You can read the IPC statement here.

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