International Paralympic Committee votes to reinstate Russia

February 08, 2019

International Paralympic Committee votes to reinstate Russia

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) has decided to conditionally reinstate the Russian Paralympic Committee (RPC), ending a 29-month suspension over alleged doping violations.

Russia who were banned following accusations of a state-sponsored doping programme for four-years during the summer and winter Olympics, have had to meet a reinstatement criteria of 70 measures.

According to Andrew Parsons, IPC President “the RPC has implemented 69 measures which provide the IPC with confidence that it is now a very different organisation to the one that it was prior to Rio 2016”

The sole condition yet to be fulfilled is an adequate response to the McLaren report, with the RPC refusing to accept its findings.

The decision to reinstate the RPC will enable Russian Para athletes to perform at International competitions under the national flag. The RPC must continue to meet a number of post-reinstatement conditions before the ban is lifted March 15.

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