Introducing the new SR seal

October 08, 2020

Introducing the new SR seal

Given our growth and greater visibility over recent years we needed to concisely and consistently define our brand positioning for the very many different communications channels we now use.

A detailed marketing review was conducted to identify and validate the core Sport Resolutions attributes: independence and expertise, and how these ensure integrity.

Through a carefully managed process with a strategic communications agency we have developed a seal which will provide comfort and reassurance to stakeholders that a fair and proper process has been followed.

The new seal will feature wherever the Sport Resolutions brand appears, from our website and social media to decision reports and educational seminars.

The seal is a part of Sport Resolutions’ new company strategy which followed a wide strategic review in 2019. Called ‘Strategy 2024’ it provides for a more ambitious and outward looking approach, including pro-active international expansion and increasing our education offering. More detail on the strategy can be found here.


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