Lewis Hamilton says teams shouldn’t be allowed to shape rules

June 24, 2019

Lewis Hamilton says teams shouldn’t be allowed to shape rules

Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton has spoken out on changes that need to be made at the top in order to make the sport more entertaining.

Hamilton criticised Formula One, the FIA ( Federation Internationale de L’Automobile) and sports teams on being accountable for the lack of competition in the racing. He commented, “When you say ‘it’s boring’ – I totally understand it but don’t point the fingers at the drivers because we don’t write the rules.”

"We have nothing to do with money shifting, all that kind of stuff. You should put the pressure on the people at the head, who should be doing the job."

“Ultimately the FIA are the governing body and they need to make all the decisions,” he added. “The teams shouldn’t be involved in that because the teams all want to do something for themselves. That’s natural, they’re competitive. Same in football, if all the teams sat in a room and said the sport should be like this, they would push and pull for their own benefit."

The leading driver in this year’s world championship has been attending meetings concerning sports teams, the FIA and F1 on the changes in regulations to improve the sport. He continued to say that he believed people at the head have been making bad decisions for many years, and that a driver’s input could be the decisive point that helps shift (actions) so that the fans can get better racing.

F1's new owner, the US group Liberty Media, which ousted Ecclestone when it took over in 2017, has plans to remedy the situation with a new financial structure, including a budget cap, and changes to technical and sporting rules from 2021.

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