New Home and New Face for sports dispute resolution in UK

February 04, 2008

Sport Resolutions

Explaining the change Sport Resolutions Executive Director Ed Procter said This change reflects our status as the United Kingdom's premier sport dispute resolution body. As well as operating Sport Resolution Arbitration and Mediation Panels we also appoint to and operate other panels such as the National Anti-Doping Panel which adjudicates on anti-doping disputes in British sport.

From 3 March 2008 the Sport Resolutions Secretariat can be contacted at the following address:

Sport Resolutions
107 Fleet Street
London EC4A 2AB

Telephone 020 7936 9084
Facsimile 020 7936 9240

Sport Resolutions Arbitration Rules, Mediation Procedure and standard clauses for adopting the service can be downloaded from the new Sport Resolutions website

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