Fri, October 16, 2020

Sport Resolutions’ 2019-20 Annual Report is ready to view

Sport Resolutions’ 2019-20 Annual Report is ready to view

Sport Resolutions' 2019/20 Annual Report has been published.

In announcing the 2019/20 Annual Report, Sport Resolutions' Chief Executive Richard Harry said:

"The number of requests received by Sport Resolutions for assistance increased to 331, of which 184 translated into a case or matter to be administered. This is an increase of 100% in just the last four years."

"Whilst the UK remains our home and provides a substantial amount of our work, our international offering has increased at a pace."

Sport Resolutions' Chairman Edwin Glasgow QC added:

"As I always acknowledge, the quality and depth of the Sport Resolutions Panel – the pool from which we appoint – is of key importance to the work that we do. It includes lawyers and other individuals who are at the start of their career, and who frequently give their services freely, right up to former High Court and Court of Appeal judges. The breadth of work that we now do demands a comprehensive range of panel members which ensures that we can appoint the right people to any given matter. We do not rest on our laurels, however, and we will be starting our three yearly recruitment process in the autumn of 2020, with the intention of having a new panel, with further depth and diversity, effective from April 2021."

2019/20 has seen Sport Resolutions host a number of training and seminars across the world and in the UK, attracting over 1,000 delegates which included the most senior directors and administrators from sporting bodies, international sportsmen and women, government departments, sports lawyers, academics, students, journalists and others.

In early 2020, Sport Resolutions, along with four reputable universities across Europe, finalised the Teaching Awareness of Ethical Governance in Sport (TAGS) Project which was supported by the Erasmus+ programme, and was developed in response to an EU motion (2016/2143 (INI)) on an integrated approach to Sport Police: good governance, accessibility, and integrity. 

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