Thu, October 21, 2021

Sport Resolutions’ 2020/21 Annual Report is ready to view

Sport Resolutions’ 2020/21 Annual Report is ready to view

Sport Resolutions' 2020/21 Annual Report has been published.

In announcing the 2020/21 Annual Report, Sport Resolutions' (now former) Chair Edwin Glasgow QC said:

“It is with sadness but with some real satisfaction that I contribute to the Annual Report for the last time as the Chair of Sport Resolutions (SR). I am passing the baton to my successor, but I can take this opportunity to reflect on the changes and progress that I have seen over the last five years and to pay tribute to those who have done the real work that has been needed to achieve that.”

“In our first year of accepting international referrals, we assisted with 8 cases. In the four years since, that number has increased to 159!”

“This exponential growth in our international work is impressive enough, but in the same period of the past four years, SR received over 1200 enquiries and handled just under 600 cases. I remain profoundly impressed and grateful for the fact that this volume of cases can be administered so professionally by our small case team of just seven individuals – but even this achievement no longer surprises me. It is what the members of the board, the CEO and I have learnt to expect of them and they of themselves and of each other.”

“A further example of our growing international presence is the fact that in the latest version of its Code, WADA made specific reference to SR in the NADO rules as being a competent and Code-compliant body to which NADOs could refer their anti-doping cases. To my knowledge, this is the first time that any private organisation has ever been referenced in the Code and is testament to our growing reputation.”

Sport Resolutions' Chief Executive Richard Harry stated:

“In terms of the work undertaken by SR, there has been a noticeable increase in the need for safeguarding support to the sport sector. By way of example, SR administered the FA Review undertaken by Clive Sheldon QC, a thorough and difficult process that ran from December 2016 to its conclusion in March 2021. The importance of this work, and the challenging and distressing nature of the subject, cannot be underestimated.”

“Remaining with safeguarding, SR has been working closely with Sport England to deliver a unique service to support NGBs with the management of their safeguarding cases. During the Pilot phase, 9 NGBs were provided with support from SR and our panel members. This assistance covered the initial advice and guidance required at the point of referral as well as the provision of hearing panels at the end of the process. It also allowed NGBs to request SR in assisting with an independent investigation to look in to any allegations that had been made.”

"I am extremely proud of this ground-breaking development. To my knowledge, this support is the first of its kind and is desperately needed by those tasked with protecting those in their sport. Due credit and recognition needs to be paid to Sport England for their support and encouragement throughout. That support has continued and will enable SR to develop plans to expand the service to more NGBs who may need support. Again, the importance of this development cannot be over-stated – it is no exaggeration to say that it has the potential to revolutionise how NGBs manage safeguarding concerns and disclosures."

Sport Resolutions’ Head of Case Management Catherine Pitre added:

“In January, we were delighted to enter into an agreement with the International Testing Agency (ITA) to operate the International Hearing Panel (IHP), available to adjudicate on first instance anti-doping matters for international federations. The IHP is constituted of members of Sport Resolutions’ (SR’s) International Panel of Arbitrators with significant experience determining anti-doping rule violations. The Procedural Rules were drafted with procedural fairness, simplicity, and flexibility in mind, such that they can be adopted by any federation wishing to convey jurisdiction on the IHP. As with other proceedings administered by SR, athletes and individuals involved in proceedings before the IHP can avail themselves of SR’s Pro Bono Legal Advice & Representation Service. Parties can have confidence that operational and institutional independence is at the heart of what we do.”

“Shortly thereafter, 13 of WADA’s Regional Anti-Doping Organisations (RADOs) opted to use the services of the IHP to refer national level matters in regions where the RADO oversees results management.”

2020/21 has seen Sport Resolutions host a number of online training and webinars, attracting over 1,000 delegates which included the most senior directors and administrators from sporting bodies, international sportsmen and women, government departments, sports lawyers, academics, students, journalists and others.

To read the full report please click here.  


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