Wed, October 12, 2022

Sport Resolutions’ 2021/22 Annual Report is ready to view

Sport Resolutions’ 2021/22 Annual Report is ready to view

Sport Resolutions' 2021/22 Annual Report has been published.

In announcing the 2021/22 Annual Report, Sport Resolutions' Chair Audley Sheppard KC said:

“It is an honour to make my first contribution to the Sport Resolutions (SR) Annual Report. It is also a privilege to follow the great Edwin Glasgow KC, a person held in the highest regard by all who know him and who successfully steered the company through a period of unprecedented growth.”

“SR not only makes an invaluable contribution to the governance of sport in the UK but increasingly also on the international stage. Referrals from outside of the UK have increased by 60% in a year, a result of SR’s expertise becoming more widely known amongst the International Federation community.”

“Whilst our international profile is growing, we continue to recognise the importance of our work within the UK. It was pleasing that SR was successful with its bid to the DCMS to run the National Anti-Doping Panel from April 2021 for a further three years.”

“Requests for pro bono assistance have increased by nearly 50% since last year and support has been provided to athletes from every continent. The procedural benefits of this have been stated, but it should also be acknowledged that the support of our Pro Bono Service members has saved the sport sector many millions of pounds since its inception in 2012. So, thank you to everyone who gives their time freely.”

Sport Resolutions' Chief Executive Richard Harry stated:

“The need to have robust and fair safeguarding procedures is becoming increasingly important in sport and the SCMP plays a key role. It is interesting to note that referrals to the National Safeguarding Panel increased by 250% from the previous year. This is not to suggest that there are more safeguarding issues, rather it is more likely to be a result of individuals being more knowledgeable about what is, and is not, acceptable behaviour coupled with a preparedness to speak out when things are not as they should be. This, I would suggest, is a positive step in the right direction.”

“Another novel initiative implemented during the year is the Independent Disclosure and Complaints Service (otherwise known as Sport Integrity). This service is funded by UK Sport with the aim to provide those in high-performance sport with the means and ability to disclose concerns and complaints in a confidential way.”

“SR continues to increase the volume and breadth of its international work. Our agreement to provide tribunal services to World Athletics (through the AIU) has been renewed and we have reached agreements with a number of new international federations for the provision of both broad and bespoke services which will come into effect in the next financial year.”

Sport Resolutions’ Head of Case Management Catherine Pitre added:

“We are also proud of the diversity of experiences and skill sets of our panels, including those who provide specialist expertise such as scientific and safeguarding knowledge. Throughout the year and when considering gender, Sport Resolutions men and women panel members have been appointed in equal or quasi-equal percentages to cases across the board. This is important to note as most matters before Sport Resolutions Panels provide for completely independent appointments, and it is therefore through no accident, and indeed much care and skill being placed on putting together panels consisting of the right combination of complimentary expertise, experience and skills.”

“Demand for investigation and safeguarding-related services has increased significantly as more athletes utilise their voices and platform to demand better accountability from their sports. It is pleasing to see our panel’s safeguarding expertise and secretariat experience being called upon to investigate and adjudicate a wide range of matters, at national and international level. We hope to continue to see sports tackling safeguarding concerns head on, and consider safeguarding elements arising in every type of case.”

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