Mon, July 25, 2022

Sport Resolutions recruiting members to form EFL independent Club Financial Review Panel

Sport Resolutions recruiting members to form EFL independent Club Financial Review Panel

We are delighted to announce that Sport Resolutions has been appointed to form and provide secretariat services to the EFL’s Club Financial Review Panel (CFRP), an independently appointed expert panel which will ensure consistency and independence to decision making in respect of matters relating to Financial Regulations.

We are now recruiting panel members with appropriate accountancy, legal and football expertise to form the CFRP. The Panel will make determinations based on the information provided to the EFL’s Club Financial Reporting Unit (CFRU) and by the relevant Club(s) in relation to Club Financial Records, HMRC Reporting and the Financial Fair Play (FFP) Regulations [Profitability & Sustainability (P&S) in the Championship and Salary Cap Management Protocol (SCMP) in Leagues One and Two].

The CFRP will be responsible for:

  • determining conditions to be imposed on clubs because of the Review of Future Financial Information/submissions on changes of control based on recommendations from the CFRU  (established within the EFL).
  • determining the appropriate outcomes in respect of alleged breaches of any relevant regulations, including Cost Control Rules.
  • preparing annual reports on the work of the CFRP to the EFL and its member clubs.  

One Chair and up to six Panel members will be appointed to serve on the CRFP. Please click here to view the Chair role profile, and here to view the Panel Member role profile, along with copies of the CFRP’s brief and operational rules.

The Chair will act as the judicial head of the CFRP working in partnership with the Sport Resolutions Secretariat, whilst the Panel Members will sit as members of the CFRP alongside the Chair, both taking an active role in ensuring consistency in decision-making and in the setting and interpretation of practice and procedure throughout the CFRP.

Candidates are required to send a copy of their CV, along with a cover letter demonstrating clearly that they meet the selection criteria outlined in the Job Description, to EFL@sportresolutions.com.

The deadline for applications is 5pm BST on Monday 08August 2022, followed by a brief interview process undertaken by Sport Resolutions.

EFL Clubs formally ratified the introduction of the CFRP at their Summer Meeting.

Sport Resolutions will ensure independence and expertise throughout the recruitment process as well as the operation of the CFRP. If you have further questions, please send them to EFL@sportresolutions.com


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