Mon, July 31, 2023

WADA seeking Independent Supervisor of its Intelligence and Investigations Department

WADA seeking Independent Supervisor of its Intelligence and Investigations Department

The World Anti-Doping Agency is seeking candidates to fill the role of Independent Supervisor of the Agency’s Intelligence and Investigations (I&I) Department. 

The Independent Supervisor is appointed to conduct annual audits of the work performed by the I&I Department to ensure that such work is conducted in accordance with the WADA Investigation Policy. The Investigation Policy sets out that the I&I Department operates independently from the rest of the Agency and that it may run any investigation that it deems appropriate, in accordance with the Policy, without seeking the prior consent or approval of the WADA Foundation Board, the WADA Executive Committee, the WADA President or the WADA Director General.

The position will become vacant in December following the conclusion of the current Independent Supervisor’s second term. The successful applicant will be appointed for a period of three years, renewable for one subsequent three-year term. The entry into office will be on 1 January 2024.

Appropriately experienced candidates within or from outside the anti-doping community are invited to apply for the Independent Supervisor position. Applications will be submitted to the Director General, who will make an initial determination to retain a number of candidates for interview and vetting. The Director General will submit a recommendation to the ExCo for decision at their meeting on 16 November 2023.

The Independent Supervisor shall have extensive experience at the executive level in the field of law enforcement investigations and/or criminal prosecution, and ideally, a strong understanding of international sport and the global anti-doping system, including its rules and procedures. The Independent Supervisor shall also have excellent written and oral communication skills in English and/or French (with a capacity to communicate in English if the latter).

The full position profile can be found here.

The deadline for applications is Friday 8 September 2023. 

Applications are to be forwarded to Mr. Olivier Niggli, WADA Director General (c/o governance@wada-ama.org). To be considered, all applications must include the following:

  1. a motivation letter, expressing reasons behind interest in appointment;
  2. an updated curriculum vitae(2) fully outlining relevant experience, qualifications(3) and expertise; and
  3. a completed Declaration of Independence Form confirming that the required independence criteria are met.


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