July 02 2024

Mediation in Sport - Success stories from NZ

Mediation is often a suitable means to resolve disputes that arise in sport. The reality, within the UK particularly, is that it is not utilised, or even considered, as often as perhaps it could or should be.

Mediation can offer timely and cost-effective resolution for many disputes, avoiding the need for arbitration or expensive litigation through the courts. It can be particularly useful and effective as a tool for early resolution of issues and where relationships need to continue, such as where a problem arises between an athlete and a coach.

In association with Immediation NZ, we will be hosting a seminar to better understand the mediation process and to reflect on when and how it should be considered as a means to resolve disputes. The event will take place remotely on Tuesday 2 July 2024 between 10:00 and 11:00 am (UK time).

Immediation is an online dispute resolution platform, providing early intervention mediation for sport disputes in New Zealand. Lucy Brittain, a lawyer and dispute resolution specialist, will explain how mediation is integrated into the NZ sport system and will provide examples of how it has successfully resolved various issues that have arisen.

The event will cover:

  • The creation of the SRCMS
  • High Level Statistics
  • Observations
  • Themes
  • Aspects of sports disputes that make mediation more effective
  • Anonymised case examples 

The event will also provide an opportunity for you to ask any questions.

This event is a free of charge and the registration link can be found via the "Ticket" tab at top of this page. 


Lucy Brittain

Lucy Brittain

Lucy Brittain is an experienced lawyer with a passion for dispute resolution.  Lucy’s legal career has spanned top tier law firms and in-house experience at a large government department. She has worked on competition and regulation aspects of significant transactions, appeared in Court on civil and criminal matters, advised on Human Rights issues, and been heavily involved in commercial litigation. Lucy recently gained her Master of Laws from Melbourne University focused on mediation and dispute resolution.

Lucy’s comprehensive mix of legal, commercial and dispute resolution experience is unique. It allows her a considered approach to alternative dispute resolution and business development. Lucy’s empathy and effective communication transcend her facilitation of parties through resolution processes. At the same time her perspective on devising solutions for clients is innovative and robust. In business development work, Lucy utilises her commercial acumen to manage the recognition and growth of Immediation NZ.

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