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How to prepare and present a case before a disciplinary tribunal

Sport Resolutions, in association with Guildhall Chambers, will be holding its third seminar of 2019 on Wednesday 13th March at 1 Salisbury Square in London.


Christopher Quinlan QC, Sport Resolutions panel member and a barrister with Guildhall Chambers, will be delivering the seminar that will focus on considerations and steps to take to efficiently prepare a case for presentation before a disciplinary tribunal.

Session 1:

  • From a number of allegations, narrowing down information and identifying the most appropriate charges, mindful of the applicable rules.
  • Selecting evidence to support your case: which witnesses to present and the credibility/willingness of those individuals to testify, documentary evidence, and relevance to the charges.

Session 2:

  • Once all evidence and submissions are exchanged, bundle creation and submission.
  • Collaborative approaches between parties: agreed statement of facts, agreed suggested directions, timetabling of the hearing.
  • Preparation for hearing: time zones, A/V requirements, witness contact details, catering, and liaison with tribunal secretariat.
  • Practical Exercise / Case Scenario

Who should attend?

  • National Governing Bodies
  • Sporting clubs
  • Lawyers working with National Governing Bodies and sports clubs
  • Academics/Students


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Session 2




Christopher Quinlan QC

Christopher Quinlan QC

Christopher Quinlan QC

Christopher Quinlan QC is a Barrister, Recorder and a member of the Sport Resolutions Panel of Arbitrators.

In June 2016, Christopher was appointed to lead a review of the structure, composition and operation of the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) Disciplinary Panel, Appeal Board and Licensing Committee.

His final report, published in September of that year, received widespread industry support and the BHA accepted all of his recommendations. Christopher is World Rugby's Judicial Panel Chairman, the most senior judicial role within the sport.

Amongst other things, Christopher is responsible for the worldwide appointment and management of World Rugby's Judicial Committees, including the Rugby World Cup, for which he has served as a judicial officer at the last three tournaments.

Christopher sits on and chairs Football Association Appeal Boards and is a Specialist Member of the FA Judicial Panel. He is a legal member of both the National Anti-Doping Panel (NADP) and National Safeguarding Panel (NSP).

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