March 25 2020

The Road to Tokyo 2020 - How to Manage Athlete Selection

Seminar Overview

Sport Resolutions (SR) and the British Athletes Commission (BAC) will jointly be hosting a seminar on athlete selection.

This seminar will focus on the elements required for an effective selection process and share guidance and tips on how to achieve and deliver a fair process.

The seminar will take place on Tuesday 24th March in Sport Resolutions offices at 1 Salisbury Square, London, EC4Y 8AE.

Seminar outcomes

  • At the end of the course the attendees will be better able to:
  • Understand the selection process framework including appeals
  • Understand the application of both subjective and objective selection criteria
  • Identify and avoid common mistakes in the selection process
  • Run an effective selection meeting and improve communication amongst the parties involved
  • Understand the concept of bias, both real and perceived, and how to manage it
  • Understand the need for and role of independent observers
  • Understand and respect the athlete perspective


Seminar programme
  • 12:45 – 13:00 Registration
  • 13:00 – 14:30 Session 1 – Richard Harry, Chief Executive at Sport Resolutions
  • 14:30 – 14:45 Coffee break
  • 14:45 – 15:30 Session 2 – Sam Little, Head of Athlete Support at the BAC
  • 15:30 – 15:45 Q & A   
Who should attend?
  • National Governing Bodies (NGBs)
  • Professionals involved in the process of selecting athletes for major competitions such as chief executives, performance managers and directors, head coaches, athletes, athlete representatives, selection panel members, in-house lawyers, lawyers in private practice, arbitrators and interested academics