Birmingham 2022 organisers defend decision over shooting exclusion from Commonwealth Games

July 31, 2019

Birmingham 2022 organisers defend decision over shooting exclusion from Commonwealth Games

The Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games organisers have spoken out in defence of their decision to exclude shooting from the programme amid criticism and threats of a boycott from India.

Chief Executive of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games Organising Committee, Ian Reid released a statement reasoning with the verdict on the absence of shooting in the programme which has featured at every Games since 1966. The president of the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) Narinda Batra proposed a boycott stating ‘We have been noticing over a period of time that wherever India seems to be getting grip on the game and performing well … either the goalposts are shifted or rules are changed.”

Reid specified, “We want every single nation and territory eligible to compete in the Commonwealth Games, including India, to be in Birmingham in 2022.” However this was followed with an explanation of the unsuccessful application of the sport, saying the  proposed venue at Bisley "offered little or no benefit to the West Midlands, in a Games with a significant proportion of funding coming from the region".

Other successful sports in the original bid included beach volleyball, para table tennis and women’s cricket. It was said the process conducted was fair, logical and transparent with a panel of senior representatives from Birmingham 2022, The Department for Digital Culture, Media & Sport, Commonwealth Games England and Birmingham City Council.

A key criteria for the approved applications covered financial considerations; the availability of suitable venues; the potential for additional revenue streams from ticket sales and/or sponsorship; as well as alignment with the Commonwealth Games Federation Constitution and with the objectives of Games Partners.

The decision was approved in June and is now subject to a vote by the 71 Commonwealth Games Association with a finalised decision expected in the coming weeks.

For the full Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games Organising Committee statement, visit here

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