Fri, October 29, 2021

FIFPRO and European Leagues sign football governance manifesto

FIFPRO and European Leagues sign football governance manifesto

FIFPRO and European Leagues have signed a football governance manifesto which calls for greater fan and player representation.

The document was signed by representatives of player unions and leagues this week at the FIFPRO Policy Forum 2021 in Brussels. A FIFPRO statement said “The manifesto calls for an adequate representation of leagues and player unions to collectively agree on matters affecting their members at both domestic and global level.”

FIFPRO General Secretary Jonas Baer-Hoffmann said “At a time of imminent changes that may change football profoundly, the game desperately needs and deserves fair and inclusive governance. We will work closely with European Leagues to build a more sustainable game by following the principles of this manifesto. These principles also need urgent reflection by other stakeholders in order to contribute to a governance system which establishes shared ownership and stewardship of football.”

European Leagues Managing Director Jacco Swart said “It is time for the governance of football at international level to get inspired and modelled by the well-functioning governance mechanisms already existing in the most sustainable football markets at domestic level. Here leagues, clubs and unions debate, cooperate but also find agreements - whether collectively or bilaterally - with their respective national association to allow our industry to flourish for the benefit of all stakeholders involved, including football fans.”

Participants included representatives from the Premier League, La Liga, Eredivisie and the PFA.

The manifesto can be accessed via the related tabs section on the right hand side of the page.


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