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MP’s have called out in need of better concussion protocols in Sport

November 27, 2018


A need for higher concussion protocols in all sports whereby tests are standardised, has been called for by the Labour party after it was revealed that protocols in football were 'ineffective'. 

Labour deputy leader, Tom Watson underwent an MRI scan to raise awareness of the issue. He stated, “it’s simply potluck how safe your sport is in the UK…If you’re lucky, you play a sport where they take concussion seriously and at a level that provides support, but for far too many people including most of the footballers in this country, their governing body is turning a blind eye to the brain injury epidemic and its serious consequences and the Government is doing nothing about it."

Last season saw Liverpool goalkeeper Loris Karius play the full Champions League final despite sustaining a concussion. A report also showed that the concussion protocols are ‘ineffective’ and not being followed in almost two thirds of matches in the 2018 World Cup.

Ultimately it is the team doctor that has the final decision, with the governing body having no authority to enforce the protocol. Watkins added, "undoubtedly there will be fatalities, if the situation does not improve.”

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