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Book Your Tickets for the Sport Resolutions Annual Conference 2024 in association with Winston & Strawn LLP

Book Your Tickets for the Sport Resolutions Annual Conference 2024 in association with Winston & Strawn LLP

Sport Resolutions Annual Conference 2024 in association with Winston & Strawn LLP

We are pleased to announce that our 9th annual conference will be taking place on Thursday 2nd May 2024 at Leonardo Royal Hotel St Paul's, London.

As in previous years, the event will bring together an esteemed panel of sports professionals and industry experts to discuss and debate the latest news and ideas in the areas of anti-doping, welfare, safeguarding, good governance and integrity.

The conference will consist of five sessions: three in the morning, followed by a buffet lunch, and two more in the afternoon. Afterward, there will be a networking drinks reception held in the hotel's bar. A separate breakfast networking event in association with Women in Sports Law (WISLaw) will also take place between 8am and 9am. 

Announced Conference Topics

Nigel Mawer (WPBSA Vice Chairman and Head of Integrity) will give a presentation on how WPBSA approaches investigations in Snooker, followed by a panel discussion with Karen Moorhouse (CEO of International Tennis Integrity Agency) and Brett Clothier (CEO of the Athletics Integrity Unit).

We will delve into Chambers' journey in athletics, his involvement with BALCO, the 2005 interview, and the consequential battle he has had to continue to compete in athletics.

We will explore the prevalence of Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S) across various sports and suggest that this physiological imbalance arises from a combination of bio-psycho-social factors. Dr Emma Ross will be joined by Maddie Dunn who will share her experiences in dealing with RED-S in practice at the IFSC which has become the first International Federation to introduce comprehensive regulations related to RED-S.

To view the agenda, and speaker profiles please click here. We have small clips available from the 2023 and 2022 events if you'd like to take a look.


We are very pleased to be able to keep the ticket prices the same as last year, despite rising costs and high inflation rates that have been well documented.


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