Thu, May 19, 2022

Sport Resolutions to launch the Safeguarding Case Management Programme

Sport Resolutions to launch the Safeguarding Case Management Programme 

With the support of Sport England, and the National Lottery, Sport Resolutions is providing case management assistance to National Governing Bodies (NGBs) in relation to safeguarding matters. This service is called the Safeguarding Case Management Programme (SCMP).

The SCMP is designed to complement and not replace the safeguarding function of participating NGBs. 

The Programme will provide all participating NGBs access to expert safeguarding and legal support from members of the National Safeguarding Panel (NSP), at no cost to those NGBs, in the following areas: 

1. Initial advice and assistance following a referral or disclosure

NGBs may contact Sport Resolutions in the initial stages of a referral to seek guidance and advice from the NSP on how to respond to the raising of a safeguarding concern.

2. Investigations

If an NGB determines that a safeguarding concern should be investigated, Sport Resolutions will identify and appoint an investigator from the NSP to work with and support the NGB with its investigation. 

3. Provision of independent first instance and appeal panels

Sport Resolutions will provide panels of suitably qualified individuals to determine matters at both first instance and appeal. 

There is no compulsion to utilise all available services, NGBs are able to use some, none or all for any given case. The programme is currently only open to those National Governing Bodies who are part of Sport England’s system partner investment process. 

Maintaining integrity of the process

In providing these services, Sport Resolutions will ensure that there is appropriate separation where needed in relation to the support provided by NSP members. For example, NSP members will either provide initial advice and/or investigation support or they will be eligible for nomination to a hearing panel. The two groups will be ring-fenced to ensure that individuals appointed to a panel will not have had any prior involvement or knowledge of the matter before them and further, they will not have provided or be permitted to provide any advice or investigation support to any other NGB on the Programme.

Benefits of this process:

  • Fair, independent, expert and transparent
  • Timely
  • Cost effective
  • Complies with rules of natural justice
  • Uniform approach
  • Will engender confidence with all parties, including athletes and coaches
  • Reduces the likelihood of complaint or later challenge
  • Provides an opportunity to collect and collate data on prevalence and trends

Additional information:

LimeCulture Community Interest Company (CIC) is working with Sport Resolutions to project manage the Safeguarding Case Management Programme and is available to offer support and advice throughout the process. Please contact  Charlotte Bond, Safeguarding in Sport Manager, at charlotte.bond@limeculture.co.uk for further information.

Please see other useful pages here: Safeguarding in SportNational Safeguarding PanelNSP Investigations and NSP Arbitration.

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