Two members of “independent review” into Champions League final chaos previously worked for UEFA

July 15, 2022

Two members of “independent review” into Champions League final chaos previously worked for UEFA

Two individuals appointed to assist with the “independent review” into this year’s Champions League final chaos have both previously worked with UEFA.

Daniel Ribeiro and Luis Silva were appointed by UEFA to assist Tiago Brandão Rodrigues who chaired the review, although his independence and suitability for the role has also been called into question. The Guardian has now revealed that Ribeiro was former head of events at UEFA and Silva a former long term consultant with Ribeiro holding the role for 10 years and Silva consulting with UEFA for the 2004, 2008 and 2012 European Championships.

Liverpool supporters groups have previously questioned the independence of the review as Rodrigues has very close ties with multiple individuals within UEFA. Liverpool’s supporters trust Spirit of Shankly said “Following the independently driven, statutory French Senate report which completely exonerated fans, these latest revelations of UEFA’s appointments, made with no explanation to us, serve only to further undermine confidence in their ‘independent review’. There are simply too many undeclared links, past working arrangements and relationships which provide no confidence. We again urge UEFA to come clean, reassure and demonstrate their review will be truly independent.”

However, UEFA said in response “The chair of the Independent Review has been made aware of the questions you have addressed to him and members of the group. The Independent Group has decided that it will not comment publicly until it presents its initial findings. UEFA has already communicated its intention to not make any further comment on the Independent Review until it reaches its conclusion.”

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