UFC Fighter Jake Collier accepts 10 month doping ban

February 20, 2019

UFC Fighter Jake Collier accepts 10 month doping ban

Rodney “Jake” Collier has been banned for 10 months by USADA after testing positive for a banned substance in December 2018.

The 30 year-old tested positive for Higenamine, a prohibited substance under the UFC Anti-Doping policy.

The fighter publicly apologised to his fans and supporters, “ Unfortunately, there was a substance in the product that was listed on the label and on the USADA prohibited list that we were unaware of. For that simple mistake, I have accepted a 10-month suspension…This has been quite a learning lesson and I take full responsibility for my mistake and apologize.”

Collier cooperated throughout the ordeal and claimed the substance came  from a pre-workout supplement he purchased in a store upon recommendation after surgery. He stated that he has now taken action in learning the proper system to research produce names and ingredients.

The suspension runs until 27 October 2019, at which point he will be eligible to return to competition.

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