Wed, May 25, 2022

UKAD survey shows over half of Brits are put of sport because of doping

UKAD survey shows over half of Brits are put of sport because of doping

A survey conducted on behalf of UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) has revealed that over half of those surveyed are put off sport due to doping.

3002 individuals were surveyed with 55% saying that doping news makes them reconsider how much they engage with sport, with people saying it puts them off watching, supporting, participating, buying merchandise or allowing their children to participate. Doping (41%) was ranked as the second most damaging issue to the integrity of UK sport after racism (42%).

The survey has been released as a part of UKAD’s Clean Sport Week which calls on teams, fans and athletes to celebrate clean sport. UKAD’s Chief Executive Jane Rumble said “These research findings are a reminder that doping not only risks the integrity of the competition itself. Doping negatively impacts fans’ views of their sport and affects how we behave and, concerningly also impacts parents’ enthusiasm for encouraging their children to participate. These findings are a rallying cry for everyone who cares about sport to act. During Clean Sport Week we want to get as many people as possible to take up our free education courses via the Clean Sport Hub. It’s vital that as clean sport advocates, parents, guardians, support personnel, and of course athletes, we all have the information we need to protect sport. There are many in sport who are doing a great job in promoting clean sport and throughout the week you’ll see sports and teams across the UK come together to share their commitment to keeping sport clean.”

UKAD Athlete Commission member and GB sprinter, Bernice Wilson, said “It is vital that all athletes and the people around them are up to date on their anti-doping education and know their rights and responsibilities. All athletes competing at the Commonwealth Games will be provided with a time via their sporting body to complete their clean sport education. Athletes can also sign up to UKAD’s 100% me mobile app for other useful anti-doping information and should encourage those around them to also get educated via the Clean Sport Hub. It’s simple and easy to get educated, no matter your role in sport, plus it’s integral to fair play and maintaining the integrity of sport.”


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