Mon, August 21, 2023

Wallaroos criticise Rugby Australia on social media over favouritism towards the men’s team

Wallaroos criticise Rugby Australia on social media over favouritism towards the men’s team

A number of Wallaroos have posted a nine paragraph statement on social media which criticises Rugby Australia for favouritism towards the men’s team. 

The statement lists a number of grievances including the men’s team flying business class for a shorter flight than the women’s team who were told they had to fly economy as it was too costly and spending millions of dollars on the men’s game whilst simultaneously telling the women they didn’t have the resources available. 

The statement concludes with “We’ve seen the impact that women’s sport has had on the Australian sporting landscape, thanks to the Matildas. It’s time for the chairman, board, and CEO to prioritise the future of Australian women’s rugby and allocate adequate resources. The future of our games hangs in the balance. It’s your move, Rugby Australia.”

A Rugby Australia statement in reply said “We will continue to involve the Wallaroos playing group, through the Rugby Union Players’ Association, in all planning and developments regarding investment in women’s rugby. We are taking steps towards a fully professional future for the Wallaroos and investing more broadly in women’s rugby across national and community competitions – and we know we have a way to go. In line with Rugby Australia’s commitment to incorporate players on this journey, Rugby Australia will continue to meet with the elected Super W representatives from each Super W team, the Rugby Union Players’ Association women’s player director, and the Wallaroos leadership group to listen and work together, to support our female athletes and their coaching and support teams.”

You can view the Wallaroos statement here


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